Wednesday, December 3, 2008


SO matt's work is having an auction and I had plans to make lots of thing to auction off, but fortunately I have run out of time and can only make these and a cheesecake. Fortunately, you say? Yes fortunately I have sold quite a few things this season and have orders for others so I said paying crafts beats just for fun ones! LOL So this is the wine glass set I made for the auction, I even made the packaging. I took 2 Starbucks Frappacino carrying cases and duct taped them together and then covered with some cool wrapping paper I have. I then embellished it with some ribbon and made a cracked glass label"VINO" to go on the front. To finish off all my handmade painted items I have also made "CARE" tags stating that they should be treated as fine china and be hand washed. That is the Fleur Dis Li tag you see the pic of. Oh yes and I also beaded the stems of the glasses. The stem wraps are removable for cleaning and can be put back on or taken off permanently if needed. These are my OTHER grapes I have done, but I think I now like the smaller ones on the decanter.

OK, Now I must go do ARD paperwork and then work on a few more orders.


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