Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Boys New Chore Charts

So with the New Year, comes some new responsibilities for the boys. We have tried different chore charts but they normally become forgotten, get messed up, or we need more spaces for chores than are allotted. So, being laid up left me alot of time to peruse the internet for a great chore chart that would fit our needs. Guess what there aren't any, but with a little ingenuity and ideas from several places I came up with one for us.

Now, first off, let me say, I think these are cute, but I was really wishing my boys were girls so I could have added some polka dots or flowers or even smaller so maybe I could have put a baseball or a dinosaur on them, BUT since they are TWEENS I could do nothing about that, but I did get some ribbon on it!

So I will explain how I made them and then explain how it works incase you want to make your own, OR I CAN MAKE IT FOR YOU! ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT FLOWERS OR POLKA DOTS! LOL

I started with a $.96 cookie sheet from Walmart and a few cans of Krylon spray paint. I have mentioned that I am really into spray painting right now, haven't I???

Here is a hint when doing these, you may want to alot 2 days to the spray paint process, ALSO if you would rather, you can use the chalk board pray paint on this and just write your chores in chalk and not have to deal with the magnets, but I like the magnet idea. Paint your first coat, your main color all over cookie sheet, I did one red and one blue.

Then after it dried over night, I used painters tape to tape off the area that was to be painted black and then added press and seal to cover the rest from over spray.

then I added some white detail to the trays on the edges, wrote to do and done. Painted some chipboard letters and adhered them with E3000 glue.

the next step I probably could have done easier by going to buy some round disc and using my printer on clear labels, but I did not have those on hand and I couldn't leave, so I made chore buttons out of Sculpey, some magnets and a sharpie. I made a ton of different ones because sometimes I need them to mow the yard, but not every day. Here are a couple of pics of them done and the best is I can store the extra chore magnets on the back of the cookie sheet and trade them out!

I also made 6 days of the week buttons ( because Sunday is Jesus Day, according to Peyton, so no chores on that day) without magnets that I glued on and 6 Good job magnets.

The final part to the chore chart is the money jars. yet again, I could not add bows or flowers or polka dots, but I did match the ribbon to their chore charts, so take that!

So here is how it works:

Each day the boys will be giving 5-6 chores to do when they get home, one of them will be homework or reading. They also start each week with their full allowance in their jar. $1 for each year old they are. Once they have completed all of their chores, they move the magnet to the done side. If they have done their chores to our satisfaction, they will get a good job magnet under that day. If they decide to not do all their chores, or do a poor job of it, they do not get a magnet for that day and money will be deducted from their allowance jar, so Cole would loose $2 since he is 12 and Peyton will loose $1.50 since he is 9. With the allowance jars sitting out they can see that money stay the same or diminish. At the end of the week (Saturday) once all the chores are done they can get their money from the jar. I will refill the jars on Sunday night.

So what do you think? Is it ingenious or what?!?! The boys are excited about it right now, but we will see how they feel 2 weeks into it...LOL

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Sparkle Wishes,

Cowboy Caviar Recipe

So I kind of over did it yesterday, all by just going to Walmart. I thought I was doing better since having the Pneumonia, but about 10 minutes into my shopping trip I realized I was wrong, so I turned tail, waited 109 minutes to check out, headed home and gave Matt the rest of my grocery list. Tonight it a big night, it is Cole's ANNUAL Birthday party/ New Years Eve Party, he is turning 12, his last year as a non teenager. Where did my baby go??? Anyway we are having a Mission Impossible themed birthday party for him because we are going to see Mission Impossible tonight, but before then we will be having a hot dog bar. Pictures from the party will probably be up around 1:00 a.m as I am sure they will still be too loud for me to sleep. Anyway, I made some Cowboy Caviar, that probably only Matt and I will eat, but Oh well. I saw the recipe on Pinterest so of course I made it and it is super easy and YummY!

i should probably let Matt take pictures of my stuff, sine he is the professional, but I get to anxious and i do it myself so sorry if it does not look that appetizing. Here is the recipe in case you want to make it. I ti s really easy and would be great for you to take to a party.

2 cans of Mexi Corn
1 can of Rotel
2 C of shredded cheddar cheese
1 c of Mayo
1 c of Sour cream

Mix together and there you have it.

I think next time I will add a little chili powder and some fresh jalepeno, but all in all it was good, especially served with Fritos.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My new Menu Board!

So saw this Weekly Calendar on Pinterest a few weeks ago. A lady had gone to Walmart, bought a $10 Frame, added some scrapbook paper inside the frames and writes on it with a dry erase marker. So I pinned it, thinking hmm.. I could make this better and Blingier, because, well, I do everything with more BLING! Fast forward to Christmas break and I sitting on my butt for hours on end with Pneumonia and nothing to do but watch movies and surf Pinterest. So one of the many early morning hours that my medicine woke me up I stumbled on Menu boards and decided sine I was working on redoing my kitchen little by little and I cannot afford the Giant knife and Fork from Pier One I would start trying to add those things to my kitchen as well as add a Menu Board. Now Being ADD means I am not the most organized person, well let me rephrase that, I am organized in my own Chaotic way; in fact my class laughs at me when I clean my desk up at school because they know I will not be able to find the next worksheet we will be working on, os I try to just keep my piles neat looking and confined to 2 areas so at least you can see wood on my desk top when tours come through. But I digress... I made this because I have been getting really good at planning our weekly meals, so I save money at the store, PLUS I am teaching my boys to cook and I make them each cook one meal a week, which means we get a lot of Sloppy Joes,Chicken and Dumplings, Hot Dogs and Pizza bites.

So anyway, I decided If I can't leave and I can't do housework, I must craft instead, so I set out his week with a few Pinterest inspired crafts. My first was to marbalize my fingernails, the next was to make a menu board. I snuck over to Walmart after a doctors appointment to find a frame to fit my needs, not intending to use this one, but I am standing there in a steroid daze, inspiration struck and I grabbed it then ran over to the flatware dept. , bought $ worth of forks, spoons, and Knives and then grabbed 2 $.96 cookie sheets for the chore charts I will be making later today.

I got it home, spray painted it black, it was an ugly brown color, ( did I mention I am addicted to spray painting crafts ever since I found the Krylon craft website?) Then I roughed up the edges to make it more Chic, or used looking. Sent Matt to Michael to buy me some scrapbook paper since I was not allowed to leave the house.

With a few sheets of scrapbook paper, some pearls, ribbon ( did I also mention that I am a ribbon whore? yes 97 spools and counting) and some hot glue and I have a brand new Menu Board! i am thinking about selling these on Etsy and at the store in Sangar for $25- $30. If you want one, let me know I can make it in any colors or style you want.

Sparkle Wishes,

A gift for a friend

So my partner in crafty crimes, aka my sister April, and I needed to make a gift for one of our friends for her birthday. Ok, so we will be almost a month late in getting it to her, but I think she will be happy once she gets it.

With that being said, our friend just moved into a new place and know ing her roommate, we figured she needed something with style to add to her place. With it being right after Christmas, and April saving money to buy her house and me not having money because I spent it all on my kids for Christmas, we decided to refurbish an expensive mirror my parents had, with an idea I saw on the Krylon craft websites. OK did you know Krylon (yes the spray paint) had a craft website? Well I found it this fall and since October I think I have spray painted a few 100 crafts :) Ok, so back to the craft. Here is a picture of the mirror, pre refurbish:

See it is in great shape with the exception of the corners where the nice espresso color paint had chipped off. Not having paint in that color, I knew we would have to repaint. so I taped the mirror part all up. and took it to my now, spray painting table out back.
I sprayed it with one coat of Satin Black and let it dry, since it was already painted nice and I knew we were going to rough up the edges so it would look more Shabby Chic, that is all it needed. I sent April out for some knobs to add to it and some Vinyl.

we roughed up the edges with some sand paper, had Matt drill us 4 holes for us to add these great square ceramic knobs april got, and then added some vinyl quote that April got on Sale at Hobby Lobby, so that saved us time I did not have to cut any Vinyl with my Cricut. Here are the pictures. Now I do have a warning my husband is a photographer, and no he did not take these pictures, and no I have no talent in shooting pictures, besides do you know how hard it is to shoot a picture of a mirror?? Everything shows in it!
The final product

The Vinyl at the bottom of the frame

Live Laugh Love!

Sparkle Wishes, Heather

Homemade French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Hold the Phone people, Heather is posting again! I think I was inspired by watching Julie and Julia Last night. I am sure I won't post this often once school starts and I have crafting dry spells, but hey, I am here today. And speaking of which, you see that wonderful mug of Coffee above??? I am enjoying that mug right now as I type! I got a Kuerig for Christmas. Now I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I am a drinker of hot beverages such as tea and Hot chocolate and some coffee to go along with my creamer (tee hee) The problem with liking coffee with my creamer and my two boys liking coffee with their creamer is that we run out of creamer really fast. So this past Fall, I decided since I did not have anymore Starbucks gift cards and I could not find Pumpkin Spice creamer on the shelves at the Grocery store to make my own ( OK that will have to be another post without the pictures) but it turned out so good I began trying my hand at other syrups and creamer flavors. well a few days ago i stumbled upon a recipe for French Vanilla Creamer and decided to try it out today and I have to say Cole and Peyton Approved it, so it has to be good!

Here is what you will need:

14 oz. of Sweetened condensed Milk
14 Oz. Of milk (I used 2%)
2 Tsp. Vanilla
1 Mason jar or a bowl with a blender but Jar works best.

You pour all these into your jar.
The you Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake yo Booty! Till it is good and mixed up.

Now if you know me, you know I am not going to serve this out of a mason Jar, because that is not just pleasing to the eye. So, Since for some UNKNOWN reason, I have like 40,000 Salad dressing cruets, I just poured mine into one of those, corked it and put it in the fridge. this should be good for 2 weeks, if it last that long. ENJOY!

Sparkle Wishes,

Has it really been almost 2 years?

Almost 2 years since I posted! Wow! Alot has happened during that time, and I could write this big long boring post about everything that has happened, but I won't, but I will try to to add a few highlights

Lets see, I have a new job at a wonderful new school, it is a private School for kids with Special and behavioral needs. I am going on my 2nd year there and I love it, no paperwork or ARDS just get to teach and help those kids that have gotten lost in the public schools. The best, part, I come home happy every day and my family loves that!

Then I began selling Stampin' Up products! I loved that and had tons of Stamping parties and made tons of cute stuff I never posted here,(but I intend to add them) But after a year and the economy being so bad, people quit being able to buy so many products and I was footing my stamping addiction by buying my quota, so I stopped selling it and now I buy from someone else. I have to say it is nice not having to stress once a month about what we were going to create at each party and prepare for it.

Matt and I now have one kid in Middle School and one in 4th grade! My boys are getting to be so big, I need my BABIES, but I do kind of like their independance now, except that comes with a lot of money for bikes, cell phones and I know soon, their own computers and then **GASP** a CAR!

Matt's Company has finally moved closer to home and he is getting a dream photography studio to go with it. he is also now diving into the world of Video filming and editing, which has been scary for him, but he has done an AMAZING job!

Let's see, My In laws moved back from Canada, My Brother and sister are back from California and my sister is buying a house, so now I have a crafting accomplice to get into trouble with.

I started selling my crafty stuff to a store in Lewisville, but they went belly up so now I am selling mainly hand painted wine glasses and few other crafty items to a store in Sangar.

My year has been good with the exception of a few minor(expenisive) repairs to both cars and I am ending the year with pneumonia, but I guess I can look at that as a good thing, because I am so tired of sitting around watching reruns, surfing Pinterest (,y new secret obsession), and reading I decided it was time to start my Blog again, possibly open an ETSY store and place it on Facebook. Well I know I am going to work on the blog, we will see about the other 2 :)

With all that being said, i have a ton of crafty items from the past 2 years I need to upload, but unlike last time, i will not be including all the instructions on how to do them, just message me if you want them and I will be happy to share, but my ADD brain could not handle all that organized writing everytime!

Here is a sneak preview of things you will see:

Oh yes, and since Pinterest is my new obssession feel free to pin anything you see, I want one of my crafts to show up some day on the popular page!

Until I post again, which might just happen next,

Sparkle Wishes,