Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Always Special

I might just be on a roll. I love this bird So I made another one and used a few embellishments from my pretties kit. Very simple to make yet pretty. I am making a bunch of cards for my grandmother to have to hand out. I think all her Blue haired lovelies will love this :)

I used Certainly Celery and PIxie Pink Papers and inks. and My Cuttle bug Embossing folder to emboss Background.

Inspired by a dress Part II

Ok, so I made this card before we left on vacation. Like I said it is inspired by a dress I saw at Ross and have seen a couple of ladies wearing to church. It is super cute, Black and White baroque pattern, tied up under the breast, princess style with a Hot Pink Bow. SO the first time I made it, I did not measure the weaving part of the ribbon and the ribbon I used was just too small for the card and it was still missing something.

SO I decided to remake it. I got some thicker sheer Ribbon this time, in Turquoise and Hot pink, and I decided to emboss the flowers on here to add a little pizzaz. I did the turquoise in a pearly wedding embossing powder, and the pink in a silver EP, I like them both, but for a more subtle approach I think I like the pearly embossing powder best.

SU Supplies used:
Paper- Basic Black, Whisper White, Tempting Turquoise, Pixie Pink
Ink- Black
Embossing- Silver and Wedding
Ribbon-$1 Bin at Walmart
Embellishments and whatnots- Sparkle Brads, Oval Punches
Stamps- Baroque Motifs

Monday, July 21, 2008

For the Classroom

I have started working on things for my classroom. Erin and I wanted to make one of these last year for out doors but never got around to it. SO Friday night she and her hubby came over and we created name frames for next yea. You Can't tell much about the paper in the background, but it is a Brocade pattern which I am really into lately. I tried to use school Colors black and gold, which I did but they are so muted, it just looks like muted classy colors. Oh well. I like it and it is VERY simple compared to what I normally do! I bought the papers at Joannes. total cost for the whole project, about $4!

Trying to create again

Having taken a few months of of creating, I loose my momentum in creating. I made another card, this one I am not as pleased with, it is missing something I might stamp the background with something, that may be what it needs. Not sure but I took a break to paint more glasses, I am almost finished with them so I will post those when I am done, after 5 of the same design I think i finally have the hang of painting a fairly nice Bluebonnet ! But that is another post :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting my crafty Mojo back!

My hubby says I am in a color rut and I need to snap out of the Black and white, pink and brown, and black and blue, and blue and brown phase. So I logged on today and saw this on recent uploads and got so excited because I have had this set since Jan and have only used it once. Since I had just used it once and the petals I used the first time were polka dotted I changed mine to the paisley one and then pulled out my paisely stamp from Cowboy kid and made a background, and I opted to use Wild Wasabi with my groovy guava since my dh thinks I do too many monochromatic things :)

I was so inspired I am working on another card now and have another in mind for another set. Keep your eyes open for more goodies!

Peyton is 6!

So my Baby Boy turned 6 on July 3rd and we were at the beach for his birthday with all of Matt's family, so there were 28 people there. He was worried that he would not get a party for his birthday since he was gone and the vacation started out a little stinky for him since his older brother came down with the Chicken pox the first week we were gone and he got a lot of attention and a lot of small gifts because he could not go outside to the ocean and the beach. I surprised him and ordered a cake for him in town at a local bakery, which BTW, was gross, but it looked cute. And everyone came and we had hot dogs and root beer floats and cake, BUT he got no presents, everybody gave him money to buy himself something and he ended up raking in $150 dollars, BUT we were 2 hours from the nearest Lego set or Walmart and he was bummed again. Since we have returned he has bought himself a few lego sets and is still trying to decide what else he wants, but really missed not getting real presents.

So we are having a spur of the moment Backyard Camp out birthday party for him and inviting a few of the neighbor kids. So of course I whipped up a few birthday invites for the occasion using the waterfall technique. They turned Out pretty cute, but I think they are missing something... Oh well, they already went out and I am sure 6 year old will not critique my card :) Another thing, I thought we were out of the chicken pox woods, being that it has been 12 days since Cole was contagiuous, but we are not and the past 2 days he has been a little lethargic and carrying bags under his eyes, and today he developed sniffles and a low grade fever. I Pray that is is just a little summer cold, but I feel it might be Chicken Pox, seeing as that is one of the symptoms. He will be devastated if I have to cancel his party. I checked him over tonight before he got in the shower...so far so good.

SO think of me Saturday night as I am telling goofy ghost stories to a bunch of boys outside in the backyard, roasting Hot Dogs and makin' S'mores. Pray that they will sleep outside by themselves or that Daddy will buck up and go out and sleep with them and leave me to the bed :)

Baby announcements

SO a friend of mine I met on a mommy board many years ago, just had a baby and asked me to design her some birth announcements. I printed the inside with all the pertinent info and added a cute baby pick of him. She chose this design, after I gave her 20 to choose from because it was different from the norm. I was so happy, I love breaking away! I did these before we left on vacation;which, BTW did I tell you that Cole got chicken pox on, the first week we were there, any way I did these and sent them off the day before we left and the day I got to Florida I got a message that I had misspelled their last name! SO she sent them back and I had to cut the cover off and reprint them 8) Oh well, they are done, I will send them back off again to her tomorrow!


So I have never really worn turquoise, and for a long time I did not like it, but with in the past few years the color and the stones have grown on me. I was sure I would not ever have anything I could wear it with but now I am finding you can wear it with almost anything. MY SIL and her mother introduced me to this beading website, SedonnaStones.com, where we can get real stones and more of them for less than what I am paying at Hobby stores, or at beading shops so I am have been browsing it and plan to buy more turquoise i need matching earrings and I might just bead a few more things to go with clothes from next year, a year ago, I would buy an outfit then go out and buy beads to match it so now I am sure I will buy and outfit and get online and buy beads to match it :)


Back From Vacation

Well things were hectic before I left for vacation. DId not have much time to get much crafting done, so that meant 2 weeks at the beach, I was going to get some type of crafting done :) I worked on a paper bag scrap book while we were there I scrap the previous days pictures at night while everyone else sat around and played cards with my SIL or we beaded jeweley. I really only did one piece of jewelry but Started a few others I lacked a few beads to finishing them.

Every vacation we always buy a photo frame to put a pic of us in and a Christmas ornament. Well last year I bought a cute frame but then would up making my own. Last year in Pensacola, the beaches were covered in GREAT Sea shells, and I saw this BEautiful White sea shell frame for sale in a boutique there, they wanted over $50 for it so I set out to find all white shells and make mine once I got home. I did a great job and love it, it sits on my desk at school, I included a pic of it here. Well this year I went prepared with a glue gun and frames, but I went a different route this year and the pics do not do the frames justice, but the beach was littered with darker shells, not near as nice as last years, BUT I fell in love with the textures and the artfullness of broken shells and odd things that came out of the ocean. I went for darker colors so they would match our bedroom, dark grey shells and browns then I added the neat textured looking items I had found.. They don't look as good in pics as they do in RL, I have pics waiting pick up a t Walmart I forgot to pick them up yesterday. Well, I am back now, 2 weeks was a long time to be away, I have made Peyton's B-day invites, and started to work on painting my moms bluebonnet glasses in between studying for the GRE, cleaning out bedrooms and getting ready to go back to school as well as entertain the kids all day long :)