Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby announcements

SO a friend of mine I met on a mommy board many years ago, just had a baby and asked me to design her some birth announcements. I printed the inside with all the pertinent info and added a cute baby pick of him. She chose this design, after I gave her 20 to choose from because it was different from the norm. I was so happy, I love breaking away! I did these before we left on vacation;which, BTW did I tell you that Cole got chicken pox on, the first week we were there, any way I did these and sent them off the day before we left and the day I got to Florida I got a message that I had misspelled their last name! SO she sent them back and I had to cut the cover off and reprint them 8) Oh well, they are done, I will send them back off again to her tomorrow!

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