Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I have never really worn turquoise, and for a long time I did not like it, but with in the past few years the color and the stones have grown on me. I was sure I would not ever have anything I could wear it with but now I am finding you can wear it with almost anything. MY SIL and her mother introduced me to this beading website,, where we can get real stones and more of them for less than what I am paying at Hobby stores, or at beading shops so I am have been browsing it and plan to buy more turquoise i need matching earrings and I might just bead a few more things to go with clothes from next year, a year ago, I would buy an outfit then go out and buy beads to match it so now I am sure I will buy and outfit and get online and buy beads to match it :)


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