Saturday, May 24, 2008

Altered my First Journal

I have been meaning to alter this Dollar store journal for a while, but a lady at work asked me to do this for another teacher who is leaving. although this teacher hates me and I have caught her saying horrible things about me to other people, God really convicted me an told me I needed to do this. Took me a while to do it, because I could not put my heart into it and I still think I could have done better But I was tired every night I worked on it.

The first pic is the front cover of the journal, the second is the inside of the front of the journal, the third is the inside back of the journal and the last one is of the back. Out of all these I like the back the least, it iooked better in my head than it did on paper :)

I used the embrace life stamp set, with SU watercolor pencils, Simply Celery ink, Pretty in Pink ink, Crystal effects with Dazzling diamonds sprinkled over it to make the flowers shimmery and the cuttle bug to emboss the Pretty in Pink paper, I also used SU cream card stock, not sure of the colors name off the top of my head, and certainly celery ribbon on inside, I forgot before I put the inside paper on to add ribbon on edge so we could tie book closes but Oh well.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

So Teacher Appreciation was a couple of weeks ago and between my 2 boys they had 6 teachers they wanted stuff for and it is not for just one day, appearantly for Elem. teachers you do something every day, well I was sick that weekend so they got nothing on Monday so I did 4 days, One day I did the waterfall cards,the next I got some cute bowls and packed them a sweet and healthy snack of grapes, Then one day I covered these 39 cent boxes I got at Walmart with Scrap book paper and made them a bunch of glass magnets for them to use on their white board and finally the last day I made a post it not holder that matched the box. IF you have not made one of these, they are super simple and fun to make, all it is, is a 50 cent acrylic picture frame turned upside down, with scrapbook paper inside, I put the teachers initials in it and made matching pens, this one is mine though and I had no more pink post its, but I like green on it. I put rick rack on the outside of the frame. You could get super fancy with it like glue some pima flowers on the outside, but I like the simplicity of this one probably because the paper is busy.

Mother's Day!

Just wanted to post a few pics of Chef Peyton fixing my Mothers day Meal. He wants to follow in his uncles footsteps and be a chef and he did a darn good job all by himself. I was woken up on Mothers day with Breakfast in bed, cereal and coffee. I got sonic for lunch, some flowers out of my flower bed up front ( I tried to grin and bear that one, since I had just planted all those flowers and almost all of them made it back in to sit in my vase) then Peyton made me a meal of Pizza Sticks, Rotini with sauce and a cookie Pizza and seriously I only helped him with about 10 percent of it, He sis the rest. Here are pics of it. BTW, the cookie Pizza he iced added sprinkles and we was to just add a few chocolate chips but I left the room so he could decorate it and I came back to it and on top of having half a can of icing on it and sprinkles, he got a WHOLE bag of Chocolate and peanut butter chips! It was actually very good, You just could not eat but a tiny piece!

Waterfall Card

I pulled an Old stamp set out, Fishy Friends to create a new Waterfall card for Teacher Appreciation week for my kids teachers and I am fixing to use this again, I just got an order for 3 dozen birth announcements with this set, Iw ill be creating tonight to see what I come up with, that along with the 2 glasses sets I got orders for, I should be busy until mid June! :) Luckily only the baby announcements will need to be done soon as she is measuring big and only has 23 days left they expect her to have her baby sooner, She is soo lucky, the miracle of birth is just so amazing :)

Anyway I used the fishy Friends set, but I only got one good pic, of it closed unfortunately I took the picsof the folds while I was half asleep and did not go back to check and see if I could see them or not. I used just some old cardstock I had lying around, not SU stuff but did use the markers an watercolor pencils and of course I used clear EP with my simply circles set to do the water drops. The card was cuter in RL. Well enjoy.

NO....I did not drop off the face of the Earth :)

Things have not slowed down for me for a few weeks, but that doesn't mean I have not fit in a few days of crafting :) I wil try to catch up on a few posts over the next few days. On top of being busy at school trying to get through to the end of the year, I am studying fro my GRE to get into graduate school and studying for my CDL Lisences so I can drive a school bus for my class next year so we can go out during the week. OK Sorry had to take a break.... I was just acting out a song from GREASE for the boys...Peyton was rolling :) Anywho, let me show you what took up the past 2 weekends, shopping for new bedroom furniture and cleaning out and redoing my bedroom, I finally got the spare mattress out of myliving room Tuesday night, Itold Matt he had to move it so the maid could vacumme when she came!