Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute Post it Desk Sets using picture frames..

SO Have I posted these yet? These are so simple yet so much fun to make. I have decided this is the best teacher gift and so inexpensive and fun to make. I just take a small acrylic picture frame put some scrap booking paper in it and I decided to put initials in them also to personalize it more. I add some doodads, borders or ribbon to the outside then add my post it notes to the front for a super cute little desk set. I made one for all the teachers in my dept to match the name signs I had made them. I will also be adding more glass bead magnets for an extra gift since we have white boards and magnets are so helpful.

Well I have one more order I got to fill, I will begin working on them this week and weekend, that will be a great way to unwind after the party friday night. SO far I am right on schedule, I made the punch and got it freezing today, I made the cupcakes and decided to do the Jello techniques with red jello so they will look like they have blood in them, you know the technique where you poke holes in the cupcake then pour the jello on top. anyway I made them and got them in the freezer also that way they will be super easy to ice on Thursday.

I am beginning to decorate up front, but I have cub scout meetings here Monday and Tuesday.

I have training Monday night and the boys again on Tuesday I hope I can keep them out all Tuesday night but I am not sure that will happen since it gets dark so early now and my firetruck backed out on me, so we will be pumpkin bowling and stop drop and rolling :) Well Matt is finished with the wii fit and it is my turn. I will be posting more pics this week as I decorate, but I must find my Halloween table runner I had it in September and I must have pulled it out of my boxes because I cannot find it and it and I am distraught over it, well not really, but it is bugging me. Good night and God Bless!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I am getting ready for our 6th annual Halloween party so I made this mummy cake for the boys cake walk at school Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of it before I took it to school. So Cole ran up and got a pic of it with my phone right before it was chosen. It's under cellophane and it wasn't the most intricate cake I have ever done, but the boys liked it. I found the greatest accessories for the cake, GUMMY EYE BALLS!

Anyway, the boys liked it so much we are adding Mummy cakes to our Halloween menu. OOOOHHH OHHHHH... You wanna hear our menu this year? I have decided to make this years party a sit down DInner party, I am going all out on the table with candlelabras and such. But here is the menu:

Mummy toes
Spider Soup
Witches fingers
Bat Wings and green pus
Ghostly green potions ( per Reagan's requests)
and Mummy and MOnster cakes ( these will be cupcakes)

I have begin food prep already, I have made the potions punch and have frozen it, I am making cupcakes this weekend and freezing them so they will ice better and I am taking half a day on Friday to finish the rest up. Shouldn't take too long, I will have everything decorated for it beginning on Wednesday after all the Cub Scout meetings this week. Keep a look out for stuff I make for it this week.

By the way beginning Next Saturday I am fulfilling a few card orders, wine glass orders and sign orders. If you want a cute Christmas sign, Recipe sign, maybe a "This House Believes" or a 3 framed JOY or Noel, or your last name, let me know, They are $20 and easier to do if I am putting out several of the same type or themes. I can even make an all occassions card set if needed.

OK, I am off to a bath and letting Matt get online for a few minutes. Goodnite!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Shirts!

I wish I could take credit for this cute idea, but unfortunately I got it from Family Fun Magazine, it was their October Cover, but I think ours are cuter! We tied dyed our t-shirts and the boys designed their faces and I painted them on! What do you think?

Raingutter Regattas

Here is Cole's I think it looks very 80's INXs Cd coverish

So the boys had to make Raingutter Regattas for Cubscouts to race. They had to sand and paint them for the race. PEyton won his first heat but lost the next 2 and Cole came close to winning both heats but unfortunately lost them both, but his boat was super cool. We did this on my birthday and if you want full details of the ORDEAL, and I mean ordeal, that took place on my birthday give me a call, buts lets just say this I think I need to organize the next regatta race so we can get out of there before 10 the next time! UGH!

Here is Peyton's Spider boat

My 2 cute Cub scouts and their Regattas

Shhhh.... It's a Surprise!

Front of card...I'm not sure why it is turned upside down though :)

OK, I had to wait until after Dad's birthday to post pics of the invites I made him, I only had a few days to make them and I had an image in my mind of what I wanted. This was not it, but they turned out OK, I think I needed more bling and some gold paint on glitter on it some place but I ran out of time. But they still were cute. I am onto Halloween stuff now, papier Machier, pumpkins and shirts..OH my! Enjoy !

Backside of card.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Spinner Invites

So I made the invites for the Boys halloween party, the pictures are not that good, but the center is cut out and the ghost, bat and spider are hanging on clear plastic cording and spin. They are not as cute as I expected but I think it is because I wound up not liking the paper I used on the front. Oh well, Enjoy!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cowgirl time

I made another sale, this one was just a little one though since Peyton's class bought it for their teachers birthday I just asked for what it cost me to make. BUt I took my cowboy kid stamp and made my cowboy a cowgirl since they are the Hawk Mavericks. I embelished her hat with rhinestoned and attached an old bandana to hang it up with. I am quite pleased and think I am getting better at these and they are taking me less time to do. I also finished the boys Halloween invites, but I will try to post them tomorrow so I can keep you coming back for more. Right now I am off to do another order, this time for a surprise birthday party. I am using Vintage Pin up girl art and I am not sure exactly how I am going to lay it out, if I cannot come up with something on my own I might take them to Amy tomorrow at work, she loves that vintage stuff and does such good stuff with it. I took my laptop to show her the images I found yesterday but she was out sick. If you are surfing by tonight, I hope you feel better.