Monday, October 6, 2008

Cowgirl time

I made another sale, this one was just a little one though since Peyton's class bought it for their teachers birthday I just asked for what it cost me to make. BUt I took my cowboy kid stamp and made my cowboy a cowgirl since they are the Hawk Mavericks. I embelished her hat with rhinestoned and attached an old bandana to hang it up with. I am quite pleased and think I am getting better at these and they are taking me less time to do. I also finished the boys Halloween invites, but I will try to post them tomorrow so I can keep you coming back for more. Right now I am off to do another order, this time for a surprise birthday party. I am using Vintage Pin up girl art and I am not sure exactly how I am going to lay it out, if I cannot come up with something on my own I might take them to Amy tomorrow at work, she loves that vintage stuff and does such good stuff with it. I took my laptop to show her the images I found yesterday but she was out sick. If you are surfing by tonight, I hope you feel better.

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