Monday, September 29, 2008

It's beginning to feel a little Spooky in here!

OK October is just a few days away and although I have had Fall decorations out for a month I am sneaking out a few of my Halloween ones, well not actually sneaking them out, I am crafting them out! I wish the Trick or Treat Garland was a better picture but it is small and long and what you cannot tell is that those letters are super Sparkley and I spent a long time making them Sparkly! I think I need to add some Orange Gingham Fabric tied into a bow at the ends, but that is at School in my fabric scraps box so I will have to grab it tomorrow and make me 2 bows to go on it. I also made this BOO sign last year! THey are so fun!I am thinking of making a Welcome Fall Pennant Banner also, Bt I may be to ambitious for this year as I need to make invites for the boys 6th ANNUAL Halloween party, Luckily I only have to make 3 invites, I just got 7 orders from 2 different people for the Name signs I make and 2 desk sets orders from another lady. I MUST GET MY ETSY SHOP UP! I want to put in a few CHristmas cards I made and offer these things also for Teacher or Friend gifts.

Saturday is National Make a card day and I would make cards but the boys are so excited to make a Bat pinata for the Halloween party and get a big branch to spray paint black to make our Halloween tree AND they have to paint their Raingutter Regatas, So I think I will craft a few nights this week and make my card(s) on Sunday after Church while the boys are playing. SOunds like a packed weekend to most but sounds like a well spent weekend with my boys, we might even get Matt back on his bike again for a family bike ride, since he felt so good after going on an hour long ride with Cole's Scout Troop tonight and he played Golf on Saturday with some new people we met at Southmont Baptist. OK I am going to clean my craft room now so that I can get in there and play this week!

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