Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You

Well it is Support Staff appreciation week at School. I whipped this card out pretty fast last night for our Diagnosticians' clerk to thank her for all the work she does with our paperwork when we give it to her. I would love to claim that this design was all mine, but I can honestly say that this design belongs 99% to: momtocnjn from Splitcoast Stampers. Why 99%? Because hers was plain but I added Wonderful on the side of mine to make it more of a Thank you card and I varied the colors of my card ever so slightly to match the ink I had sitting out, I was too lazy to get up and walk 5 steps to my armoire to get out the rest of my inks :) Hey, it was 10 at night when I remembered to do this!

I used Brocade Blue Ink and papers, Chocolate chip and whisper white papers and my new Always stamp set, I love this Bird!

Girly Girl

I am a Girly Girl. I love pink polka dots, which is what I wanted to name my crafting company until I came up with Sparkle Wishes, but I love Pink polka dots, anything pink, frilly and frou Frou, funny thing is when I designed my craft room and painted it , I did it all in Tiffany Blue and white with Chocolate accents, I may love pink but I could bring myself to paint one whole room in my house pink, unless it had been for a baby girl :) SO anyways, I planned a Girly Girl card swap at work with 8 ladies, we are all required to make 8 Girly Girl cards to swap that way we should have some cute cards on hand to give away when needed or keep and display. Well I made mine and it is VERY plain for me, I normally over embellish and have doodads and fluff and lots of ribbon. Well I guess the dress swap was still so fresh in my mind and how much time I spent on that and how little time I spent with my boys, that I went a total 180 for me and went plain and simple. It is really cute, just VERY simple for me. I have seen one of the other cards and it is SOOOOO Cool and the competitive side in me really wanted to do something just as cool, but, alas, with the help of God working on helping me get these incredible competitive urges under control, he allowed my practical side to come out and it only took me 2 nights, that's right 2 nights, not days or weeks to do all 8 cards!

For those who might want to case the card, I made the pink polka dotted background with the circle stamp from Simply circles, I embossed in clear and the other in embossing tinsel, the background is way cuter IRL. The card stock was pretty in pink, whisper white and chocolate chip.

The purse was done in Chocolate chip ink and embossed. I did one of the purses with a beaded handle, and it is cute, but not that cute, kind of cute but then again kind of ugly, so I chose not to do the others that way and leave them plain. And I just tied it up with a cute big brown ribbon. I almost did this set in pink, black and white but I am really on this brown kick, but like al my other color kicks, like my aqua and black kick, my pink and green kick, my red and black kick, this one seems to be on its way out, I am feeling more of a Brown and blue or black and blue kick coming on :)

Okay, I have rambled on aimlessly now for a while, I see 40 people have visited my site, if you are one of them will just just say HI, I sent this link to a few, but only know of one who looks, BTW AMY don't look at this one until the swap is over :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Mommy Side

The Mommy in me is coming out today.  We Went To Scarborough Faire  Yesterday, that is a renaissance fair and we just had the best time wandering around and of course the boys had to buy some new weapons, COle went fr the wooden Sword and shield and PEyton went  for the bow and arrows and I have to say, I think he is a natural, unlike Cole who finds every sport he does pretty easy and for the most part is fairly good at it with practice, Peyton is not, but he picked up that bow and arrow and he is already shooting  bulls eyes 1 out of 5 times!  I guess he gets his talent from his grandmother who used to do archery.  But I am a mother  I might think more out of him than he really is but I was telling Matt we needed to get him onto so archery classes pronto because he was going to go to the olympics with this! Tee Hee.  Ok I am going to see if I can upload a second photo with out it being cut off, of Cole with his Sword and shield.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tommorow is my Paraprofessionals last day, he has decided to go back to laying professional Arena Football. 

And since I had so much fun making the other spinner card, last night, I decided to make another one.  I chose the colors because that is what his team colors are.  Pretty straight forward  and simple but it sure is cute watching that foot ball go into the goal posts!  I plan on having all 3 Life Skills classes sign it for him.

Items used: Good Sport Stamps set
 Chocolate Chip ink
Creamy Caramel ink
Bronze embossing 
Papers: Basic Black
Real Red
Hope you enjoy, I am thinking these might make good B-day cards for my boys to take to parties, so I might need to make some Dallas Cowboys ones.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

With Sympathy

So, my paraprofessional, from last school years mother died on April 2nd.  She moved to a new school year this year, so none of us at her old school knew about it until yesterday when we got our districts flashpoint in our e-mail yesterday.  We are a little late, but I made a sympathy card anyway and decided since it has been a few weeks, to make it a little brighter in colors instead of so dark.  I think the sentiment says it all anyway.  Hope it is not too bright.  I plan on taking it to school in the morning to have everyone to sign it.  I love this set, Always, I just got it and I love that bird and I really see this bird on slate blue paper inked in black with black accents.  I have an idea floating around in my head, so maybe I will make it this weekend.

I used the stamp set, Always.  Red embossing on the bird and the heart and sentiment, I used versa mark on the background and stamped the branched, and I used my CB to emboss the strip acroos the top.  Had I known I was going to versa mark the background ( this was an afterthought, because it lacked something) I might not have embossed that strip. My paper colors were: really Red, Barely Banana, and bashful blue.  Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spinner card

SO I made this spinner card for Stamp club to make tomorrow also.  If you have no idea what a spinner card is, well then let me tell you!  When you tilt the card the butterfly goes spinning its way across the flowers and looks like he is flitting around!

I really did not take a whole lot of time on this, as I realized the stamp set with the flowers I wanted to use, was on loan to someone, so then I went to wanting to do a beach spinner with the spinner being a beach ball, but that one is out on loan too!

So I mixed my favorite set, Simply Said, with my new, never been used set, Merci.  DOesn't look too bad together, and that butterfly is darn cute all glittered up and spinning!  I did watercolor the blue sky, if you were wondering, might I suggest if you do this, to make sure you have watercolor paper, as I had to work very hard to uncrinkle it to use it :).


Glass bead magnets

Ok, this is not a real fancy picture, Matt did not take it or set it up.  I have Stamp Club tomorrow and I am always looking for some crafty things for us to do with our stamping supplies.  So I walked into our Dept. Heads room on monday and she had these  cute magnets stuck to her desk.  I asked her if she had made them, she said no I bought them.  I took one look at them and just knew I had to make them and they can't be that hard!  SO Off to Michaels I went after school, I bought some heavy duty round magnets, glass beads in the floral aisle and some Aileen's clear Tacky Glue and  a circle punch.  I started out by punching small pics out of a magazine, glued it onto the magnet then glued that to the bead...if you do this, the rhyme they teach you kindergarden works best..a dot, a dot, a dot will do, any more that that is TOO much glue.

Word for the wise if you use a magazine pic, mount it on cardstock first, you can see the black magnet behind the pic if it is light and it looks silly.  I thin printed off my initial to put on there, it looked so cute until the ink started to run, then it became a mess.  SO  here I just punched out some old scrap paper I liked and VIOLA!  Tres Cute.  Now once the magnet is on the fridge, you cannot see the ugly black magnet, but I added ribbon around the edges of mine anyway to cover the ugly up! :)

My recent creations

OK I am going to attempt to add pics to this blog, I want to add all that I have created in the past, but who would look at that but me, so I will start new and only add stuff I create from now on.Oh and I have so many things I want to create right now, I just don't have all the time, but hey, only 35 more days of school (not counting the weekends) so watch out this summer!

The first I am going to show you is a tag I made for a tag swap with some crafty ladies at school, I would love to tell you mine was the best, but it was not, there were some fabulous tags made.  and I really stepped out of my creation comfort zone, I did not model it after any thing I had ever seen, we were suppose to take one of our favorite quotes and put it on a tag.  The quote I chose was:"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance."

I did two techniques on the card,the first was a faux leather background and the the french script has the cracked glass technique, that was my first time doing the cracked glass, took alot of clear embossing powder but I really like how it turned out.

The next one, was a dress swap the ladies and I did. Knowing me I really wanted to do something frilly and princess ish and of course pink, but I kept coming back to being Kitschy, so I chose the 50's housewife dress, complete with the rules for being the good little wife back then, they are funny I will post those rules when I find them later.  My dress was 3-d, I made everything down to the hanger it is on and the pearl necklace.  That was a fun one to come up with.  Hope you all enjoy.  I am creating a spinner card tonight for tomorrows stamp club demo and I have been making glass button magnets so hopefully I will download some more goodies tomorrow!  Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008


OK, I keep saying I am going to create a creativity blogger to display my artsy side.  I am computer savvy in that I can turn one on, use word, photoshop and naything on a mac, I can update my Facebook page, which I think is hard and I can update my MYSPACE page, I can steal templates and hijack pictures off the internet for my use.  I can access Itunes, download info, order info etc, but that would be the extent of my internet savvy.  I don't like the backgrounds I chose here I will have to find a way to replace the background with something more fitting for me, something...PINK!

Anyway if I stay with this, you wil see all facets of my creativity, some people think I am good, but I think I might be average or below average in my crafty pursuits.  I have always wanted  to be an artist, but failed miserable all through Jr. High and High school, so I married an exceptionally talented artist, OMG he is unbelievable what he can do in 5 minutes with a pencil would take me all day to do, what he can do on a computer in 10 minutes would take me 3 days to do, and what he can do with a camera, I could never do.  I do like rubber stamping and make tons of cards and I have begun branching out ot other paper crafts and using frames and other media, I am stepping out of my trying to copy the work I like phase to actually creating my own, this started last year when I decided I wanted to paint a martini set for my sisters birthday.  I then got several orders for martini sets, which moved to wine glasses and over Christmas it was Christmas plates.  They were so much fun to do but I am taking a break from that until school is out and then I plan on making tons of stuff to try to sell on Etsy and if that does not work I will set up at a craft fair.  People say I could sell my stuff, but I really find that hard to believe!  I mean I would not pay for it, but then I know I could create it.  So we will see if people buy my stuff.  I have sold glassware and a few framed art work and most recently  I sold a set of 2 hand painted wine glasses for $60  I was floored...I did not think they were that amazing, unfortunately  I did not get pics of them but I have pics of a few others.  when I figure all this out, I will post them.

Well, for now, that is all  Iw ill work on figuring this out.

Sparkle Wishes,