Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Glass bead magnets

Ok, this is not a real fancy picture, Matt did not take it or set it up.  I have Stamp Club tomorrow and I am always looking for some crafty things for us to do with our stamping supplies.  So I walked into our Dept. Heads room on monday and she had these  cute magnets stuck to her desk.  I asked her if she had made them, she said no I bought them.  I took one look at them and just knew I had to make them and they can't be that hard!  SO Off to Michaels I went after school, I bought some heavy duty round magnets, glass beads in the floral aisle and some Aileen's clear Tacky Glue and  a circle punch.  I started out by punching small pics out of a magazine, glued it onto the magnet then glued that to the bead...if you do this, the rhyme they teach you kindergarden works best..a dot, a dot, a dot will do, any more that that is TOO much glue.

Word for the wise if you use a magazine pic, mount it on cardstock first, you can see the black magnet behind the pic if it is light and it looks silly.  I thin printed off my initial to put on there, it looked so cute until the ink started to run, then it became a mess.  SO  here I just punched out some old scrap paper I liked and VIOLA!  Tres Cute.  Now once the magnet is on the fridge, you cannot see the ugly black magnet, but I added ribbon around the edges of mine anyway to cover the ugly up! :)

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