Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Mommy Side

The Mommy in me is coming out today.  We Went To Scarborough Faire  Yesterday, that is a renaissance fair and we just had the best time wandering around and of course the boys had to buy some new weapons, COle went fr the wooden Sword and shield and PEyton went  for the bow and arrows and I have to say, I think he is a natural, unlike Cole who finds every sport he does pretty easy and for the most part is fairly good at it with practice, Peyton is not, but he picked up that bow and arrow and he is already shooting  bulls eyes 1 out of 5 times!  I guess he gets his talent from his grandmother who used to do archery.  But I am a mother  I might think more out of him than he really is but I was telling Matt we needed to get him onto so archery classes pronto because he was going to go to the olympics with this! Tee Hee.  Ok I am going to see if I can upload a second photo with out it being cut off, of Cole with his Sword and shield.

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