Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My recent creations

OK I am going to attempt to add pics to this blog, I want to add all that I have created in the past, but who would look at that but me, so I will start new and only add stuff I create from now on.Oh and I have so many things I want to create right now, I just don't have all the time, but hey, only 35 more days of school (not counting the weekends) so watch out this summer!

The first I am going to show you is a tag I made for a tag swap with some crafty ladies at school, I would love to tell you mine was the best, but it was not, there were some fabulous tags made.  and I really stepped out of my creation comfort zone, I did not model it after any thing I had ever seen, we were suppose to take one of our favorite quotes and put it on a tag.  The quote I chose was:"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance."

I did two techniques on the card,the first was a faux leather background and the the french script has the cracked glass technique, that was my first time doing the cracked glass, took alot of clear embossing powder but I really like how it turned out.

The next one, was a dress swap the ladies and I did. Knowing me I really wanted to do something frilly and princess ish and of course pink, but I kept coming back to being Kitschy, so I chose the 50's housewife dress, complete with the rules for being the good little wife back then, they are funny I will post those rules when I find them later.  My dress was 3-d, I made everything down to the hanger it is on and the pearl necklace.  That was a fun one to come up with.  Hope you all enjoy.  I am creating a spinner card tonight for tomorrows stamp club demo and I have been making glass button magnets so hopefully I will download some more goodies tomorrow!  Enjoy!

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