Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Time for another round of Teacher Appreciation gifts. Although Teacher Appreciation was last week, all the schools were out due to the Swine Flu, which is good because I spent the earlier part of last week Spring cleaning, not crafting, so on Wednesday when I decided to start crafting, i got the call that instead of getting the entire week off as earlier stated, we were having to go back on Thursday so I began these gifts but was too tired Thursday and Friday to finish them, as well as having to do my lectures as well, so I figured I would finish them this weekend, WELL that was also a bust since I threw my back out, so I drug myself to my craft room last night and finished them, well not everything, I wanted to do a couple of other things, but it hurts to sit, so I will just get by with these. The boys took them to school today and they said the teachers loved them. I hope so.

I had a bunch of the plain cardboard boxes i had gotten for free from FREECYCLE.ORG ( the best place in the world to get craft supplies, glassware to paint or frames to alter for FREE! The Matt can't complain that i was spending money on it,e specially if I turn around and sell it.) So anyway, I had these boxes lying around so I decopuaged them and then made coordinating accessories. I made altered binder clips in matching papers, if you wonder what to do with those you can use them to display a photo on you desk or hold notecards or whatever. Then I made bookmarks out of altering a paperclip, with some flowers cut out of papers and then I made a paper matchbook to display them in, what fun! These may be my new addiction next to making glass bead magnets, which I also made them. These are both so easy to do and you can make a bunch quicly, for instant gratification!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. That is all I have for tonight, I have to get Peyton into bed and begin my lectures for this week, JOY!


Well I have to say, these have been an instant success. I made a few of these to send to the women in my family and have since had several orders for these. In fact the thing I am most excited about is it looks like I will be making a bunch of these for the Breast Cancer Walk in the Fall as a fundraiser for them. I am very excited that my work can go for something so good! I plan on trying to make a few of these with bloomers as well as the thing panties, but I think testing those out might just have to wait until schools out because I promised Peyton I would finish the mural in his room first, pics will follow of course :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Altered Canvas

So my Sister in law had this altered canvas that she had done because she had seen them at Canton but did not want to pay a ton of money for it, she used some scrap book paper, ribbon and big wooden block letters to spell out Family, it was VERY cute. Then My sister went and did one too that was tres chic so I thought, I needed to do one and I had been trying to think of something cute or some way to put up the word CREATE in my brand new craft room and VIOLA! This is what I came up with. It is not perfect and I wish I had a bought a couple of sheets of the same paper to have more continuity to the sign, but hey, for a first timer it is not bad. I definately got the bug and want to do another and actually have an idea to alter a larger canvas and add a nice family photo to it and the word Family or some scripture about Family, if you have a good Scripture, let me know, I have not really looked yet. I plan to do it all in browns and print my family pic in Sepia tones. Not sure if I will use an existing picture I have or get Matt to take another one of us at the park soon.

Sorry if some of you have seen these on my Facebook, I won't publish all my things on Facebook, I will reserve a few for here only, it has just been easier since I was in school to post there because then I do not write a book :)

Hello! Have you missed me?!?!?

Well just to fill you in on a few details as to why I have been MIA, is one I FINALLY FINISHED MY CRAFT ROOM! YEA! @ I went back to school and although I am doing it online, I just do not have as much time to craft anymore, so sad, but I have not stop crafting all together, I am still crafting, although It is doing more personal orders right now, but I have done some fun stuff. (WOW that is a big run on sentence, but I am not fixing it)
I might post 3 or 4 blogs tonight and try to do a few more this week to get you caught up on all that I have crafted.
BUT THE BIGGEST NEWS...I am hopefully going to be opening an online store this summer....I know I know I keep saying this but Erin and I bought the Domain name, www.sparklefairies.com and we want to craft a bunch of stuff for craft fairs this fall as well as sell online. I will keep you posted.
So anyway...HERE IT IS, my CRAFT ROOM, which I absolutely LOVE and thanks to Ray and Hope for helping get Matt off of his butt to finally finish it. It is nice for 2 reasons. 1 I have a place for everything and it is so much easier to keep it clean or to clean up after a BIG project and I can do my online classes in there instead of on my bed. The desk is an old door from Matt's work, to cover the holes where the hinges went I used ribbon to trim it in and then I used shoe organizer on the left. I loved the cubbies and never expected to fill them all right at once, but I did, I have a place for all my papers as you can see by the open cabinets, but I still need extra space for my stamps and I am thinking about a place where I can hang some rods to put my punches on and not to mention a way to put out all my 100's of yards of ribbon, but that sounds like a Summer break project :). Well enjoy and keep a look out for new things!