Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello! Have you missed me?!?!?

Well just to fill you in on a few details as to why I have been MIA, is one I FINALLY FINISHED MY CRAFT ROOM! YEA! @ I went back to school and although I am doing it online, I just do not have as much time to craft anymore, so sad, but I have not stop crafting all together, I am still crafting, although It is doing more personal orders right now, but I have done some fun stuff. (WOW that is a big run on sentence, but I am not fixing it)
I might post 3 or 4 blogs tonight and try to do a few more this week to get you caught up on all that I have crafted.
BUT THE BIGGEST NEWS...I am hopefully going to be opening an online store this summer....I know I know I keep saying this but Erin and I bought the Domain name, www.sparklefairies.com and we want to craft a bunch of stuff for craft fairs this fall as well as sell online. I will keep you posted.
So anyway...HERE IT IS, my CRAFT ROOM, which I absolutely LOVE and thanks to Ray and Hope for helping get Matt off of his butt to finally finish it. It is nice for 2 reasons. 1 I have a place for everything and it is so much easier to keep it clean or to clean up after a BIG project and I can do my online classes in there instead of on my bed. The desk is an old door from Matt's work, to cover the holes where the hinges went I used ribbon to trim it in and then I used shoe organizer on the left. I loved the cubbies and never expected to fill them all right at once, but I did, I have a place for all my papers as you can see by the open cabinets, but I still need extra space for my stamps and I am thinking about a place where I can hang some rods to put my punches on and not to mention a way to put out all my 100's of yards of ribbon, but that sounds like a Summer break project :). Well enjoy and keep a look out for new things!

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