Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh YAY! Fall

TODAY is the first day of Fall! I love the fall and everything about it. In fact today, my class' journal entry was what is your favorite season and why and I made a list of why I love the Fall. I love the cooler weather, the changin leaves, Pumpkins, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins, ghosties, Orange colors the warm feeling I get, Horror movies with cole with the sound turned down, great memories from the Fall growing up, Halloween costumes, baking and again PUMPKINS!

I bought a Halloween mag this weekend and this guy had this collage on his page. If you have a some free time he has tons of cute crafty stuff and a totally adorable Trick or treat banner I am going to tweak and make my own this year, His name is Matthew Mead Just click on his name and it will take you to his website. I feel a crafty weekend coming on soon to get ready for our 6th annual ( can you believe it, 6 years) Cole and Peyton Halloween Party. The boys get so into having this party they have already started telling me what food to make and what to name it, we will have Frankenstein toes, Bat heads and no grave Yard dirt this year, they want Buggy cupcakes or something equally squeamish! I am so excited they love this time of the year I am sure it is only a few more years before they mention having a haunted house, I am sure Papa will start putting a bug in their ear soon. This year we are moving from Toddler/pre-K party to a more sophisticated party as Cole says. We are having a sit down dinner instead of a buffet and more games after we trick or treat since Halloween is on Friday.

Well I am off to bed, I am taking my class to Ci Ci's to work tomorrow so I need to be well rested!

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