Friday, October 24, 2008


I am getting ready for our 6th annual Halloween party so I made this mummy cake for the boys cake walk at school Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of it before I took it to school. So Cole ran up and got a pic of it with my phone right before it was chosen. It's under cellophane and it wasn't the most intricate cake I have ever done, but the boys liked it. I found the greatest accessories for the cake, GUMMY EYE BALLS!

Anyway, the boys liked it so much we are adding Mummy cakes to our Halloween menu. OOOOHHH OHHHHH... You wanna hear our menu this year? I have decided to make this years party a sit down DInner party, I am going all out on the table with candlelabras and such. But here is the menu:

Mummy toes
Spider Soup
Witches fingers
Bat Wings and green pus
Ghostly green potions ( per Reagan's requests)
and Mummy and MOnster cakes ( these will be cupcakes)

I have begin food prep already, I have made the potions punch and have frozen it, I am making cupcakes this weekend and freezing them so they will ice better and I am taking half a day on Friday to finish the rest up. Shouldn't take too long, I will have everything decorated for it beginning on Wednesday after all the Cub Scout meetings this week. Keep a look out for stuff I make for it this week.

By the way beginning Next Saturday I am fulfilling a few card orders, wine glass orders and sign orders. If you want a cute Christmas sign, Recipe sign, maybe a "This House Believes" or a 3 framed JOY or Noel, or your last name, let me know, They are $20 and easier to do if I am putting out several of the same type or themes. I can even make an all occassions card set if needed.

OK, I am off to a bath and letting Matt get online for a few minutes. Goodnite!

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