Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute Post it Desk Sets using picture frames..

SO Have I posted these yet? These are so simple yet so much fun to make. I have decided this is the best teacher gift and so inexpensive and fun to make. I just take a small acrylic picture frame put some scrap booking paper in it and I decided to put initials in them also to personalize it more. I add some doodads, borders or ribbon to the outside then add my post it notes to the front for a super cute little desk set. I made one for all the teachers in my dept to match the name signs I had made them. I will also be adding more glass bead magnets for an extra gift since we have white boards and magnets are so helpful.

Well I have one more order I got to fill, I will begin working on them this week and weekend, that will be a great way to unwind after the party friday night. SO far I am right on schedule, I made the punch and got it freezing today, I made the cupcakes and decided to do the Jello techniques with red jello so they will look like they have blood in them, you know the technique where you poke holes in the cupcake then pour the jello on top. anyway I made them and got them in the freezer also that way they will be super easy to ice on Thursday.

I am beginning to decorate up front, but I have cub scout meetings here Monday and Tuesday.

I have training Monday night and the boys again on Tuesday I hope I can keep them out all Tuesday night but I am not sure that will happen since it gets dark so early now and my firetruck backed out on me, so we will be pumpkin bowling and stop drop and rolling :) Well Matt is finished with the wii fit and it is my turn. I will be posting more pics this week as I decorate, but I must find my Halloween table runner I had it in September and I must have pulled it out of my boxes because I cannot find it and it and I am distraught over it, well not really, but it is bugging me. Good night and God Bless!

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