Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monster Cakes and Mummy Heads OH MY!

So the boys have decided they really love helping prepare for their party and I hope they stay that way because it has been a huge help to me and gives them such a sense of accomplishment when everyone likes what they have done. SO this is the only dish I prepared for the party completely on my own and that was Mummy cakes and Monster heads made with real monster blood. Actually it was cupcakes that I made and instead of using the water called for in the recipe I used pineapple juice then the blood being Strawberry Jello that I put on after they had cooled, I poked holes in them and the jello went down and looked like blood drips in it. I usually put green cream filling in them, but in the past the little girls have gotten grossed out by the green cream, so I also normally do dirt graveyard cups but I cut way back on food this year since I normally make too much since they don't really want to eat, they just want to go trick or treating. Our menu this year was as follows:

Mummy Toes with Dragon Dipping Blood
Spider Soup with a side if crispy spider legs
Bat wings and Ghost chips with Alien dipping pus
Mummy cakes and Monster Heads with real monster blood
and to drink we had Witches potions and Vampire's blood.

I got hit with the flu this week ( one of the first cases in Denton county this year, I am honored), of course I did not know this until today so I was really run down and felt so bad last night I almost wanted to cancel Halloween, but in the honor of trying to be better than MARTHA, I held my party anyway, and after having done this for 7 years it went off without a hitch and I had done so much prep work ahead of time that not much had to be done yesterday. Another blog will follow later with pictures from the party.

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