Tuesday, November 25, 2008


SO I have had this stamp set forever, and it is retired, it is the Bubble Queen set, but I love bubble baths and am determined to host a Spa Party some day and use this set for the invites. SO I made this sign last Christmas to go in my bathroom, but never put it in there fro fear Matt would say NO WAY! He likes that I craft and can express myself but I can't clutter up the house too much with my stuff so I sell it or give it away. So I showed this black and red set to a few ladies, but no takers BUT I did have another lady say she wanted it but in Burgandy and Sage and Viola! I have the second one of these. IT is cute, the picture does not do it justice because it looks pink. SO I made a sale, but I still have the red and Black one up for grabs, someone better take it fast before I put it up in the bathroom the next time I get mad at Matt because he decided to play video games and not empty the dishwasher :)

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