Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carte Postale

WOW! SO much has happened since I was last on. Right after Halloween I had the flu which knocked me out of commission for a little over a week, then once I began feeling better a Very Dear Friend was killed in a car accident coming home from vacation in Florida, so I have spent the past 2 weekends at my Parents house, consoling and grieving with them and visiting with family. His funeral is this Friday so a long chapter in my life with this man who seemed like my Uncle, has been closed. I originally was not going to post these 2 cards, I liked them but they were made for 2 sad occassions, the second one I am posting I made for Cole's teacher who lost her brother a month ago, but I found it very fitting for my friend LJ as well, so I am posting these in his honor. BUT I must tell you the script on the second card I made all by myself in photoshop, I am so excited that I am branching out on my own and not constantly running to other places for inspiration, I am becoming inspired on my own! I also found this great site, so if you a re a scrapper or card maker, you need to visit. It is called I orginally went to this site because I found it in a magazine and I got 3 free fonts from it, but I signed up and found out you can free fonts and ding bats each month. I though, I will NEVER buy from them when I can get them for free and even better they offer a monthly, really cute sayings page all done up in cute fonts and clip art that I could download for free to put in my cards. I have to say I have gotten all the free things, but did wind up buying a couple a of fonts and Christmas dingbat sets and have made some adorable CHRISTmas signs for auctions and crafts fairs, I will post pics probably after Thanksgiving since 2 of them are almost complete but NEED somethng, what that something is, I am not sure but I am sure it will come to me over the holidays, I feel my crafty mojo returning and I think if we pull out Christmas stuff early this weekend I might figure out what it is. Enjoy! ANd if you can remember LJ's Family and my family in your prayers, although it was a tragic event I feel that it might be a moving experience for my parents, especially my Dad. LJ was a great man, now it is time for my Dad to find out that he is a great man too.

Oh yes, if you want the script I used on the second card for anything, let me know I would be happy to send it to you in a .jpg file.

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