Thursday, November 20, 2008


Did I ever tell you I like to paint pottery too? I actually did this last year, but I am not sure I ever showed anybody, but I was thinking about taking the boys to Killin' Time to let them paint an ornament the day Santa comes to visit and painting a snowman platter myself and went, you know what, I bet some of you have not seen this platter, as I got it then put it away and forgot about it until about a month ago when I pulled it out to use it. I made it to put pasta on and I was so proud of my scrolling carvy type thingys in the paint on the green. I think I could get addicted to pottery and could get really good at it, but, alas, it is just WAAAAY too expensive to do more than just a couple of times a year but I would love to go and paint for people :) Oh well, Enjoy and I hope to have lots of Christmas stuff to show you soon!

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