Sunday, November 2, 2008

7th Annual Halloween Party

SO I began this tradition 7 years ago, because I could not stand going to our churchs' Fall festival, there were too many people there, my boys had to wait in really long lines to play games they did not like and they really wanted to go Trick or Treating. SO I began this to invite the neighbors kids so we could keep a reign on how scary Halloween was and to emphasize the fun. I normally plan many games and activities, but unfortunately I came down with the flu this year an really wanted to cancel Halloween, but in the the true fashion of Martha Stewart, and to prevent a bunch of kids from being sad, the show went on, minus all the games except the pinata and the costume contest. Luckily for me, The boys love to make this their party, so they made most of the food with my direction, and Peyton set the table under my direction.

This is why they call me Ms. Martha, I could not just put regular candles out, I had to cover them with some papers I had so they fit the theme



ME , your ghost hostest with the mostests :)

The Boys acting out their costume

The dinner table and place settings courtesy of Peyton, the mug was for the Spider leg soup.

NEighbor girl in the clown costume

Peyton and Neighbor boy did this all on their own, this is King Arthur knighting him.
The kids had a blast and I crashed and have not moved from my bed except to go to the doctor on Saturday morning, Matt has cleaned up a little but I have lot to clean up later this week once I feel better. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Sally Pepper said...

Wow! That looks like quite a party! Love the pic of the group...the dog looking out the window is priceless!