Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mother's Day!

Just wanted to post a few pics of Chef Peyton fixing my Mothers day Meal. He wants to follow in his uncles footsteps and be a chef and he did a darn good job all by himself. I was woken up on Mothers day with Breakfast in bed, cereal and coffee. I got sonic for lunch, some flowers out of my flower bed up front ( I tried to grin and bear that one, since I had just planted all those flowers and almost all of them made it back in to sit in my vase) then Peyton made me a meal of Pizza Sticks, Rotini with sauce and a cookie Pizza and seriously I only helped him with about 10 percent of it, He sis the rest. Here are pics of it. BTW, the cookie Pizza he iced added sprinkles and we was to just add a few chocolate chips but I left the room so he could decorate it and I came back to it and on top of having half a can of icing on it and sprinkles, he got a WHOLE bag of Chocolate and peanut butter chips! It was actually very good, You just could not eat but a tiny piece!

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