Saturday, May 24, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

So Teacher Appreciation was a couple of weeks ago and between my 2 boys they had 6 teachers they wanted stuff for and it is not for just one day, appearantly for Elem. teachers you do something every day, well I was sick that weekend so they got nothing on Monday so I did 4 days, One day I did the waterfall cards,the next I got some cute bowls and packed them a sweet and healthy snack of grapes, Then one day I covered these 39 cent boxes I got at Walmart with Scrap book paper and made them a bunch of glass magnets for them to use on their white board and finally the last day I made a post it not holder that matched the box. IF you have not made one of these, they are super simple and fun to make, all it is, is a 50 cent acrylic picture frame turned upside down, with scrapbook paper inside, I put the teachers initials in it and made matching pens, this one is mine though and I had no more pink post its, but I like green on it. I put rick rack on the outside of the frame. You could get super fancy with it like glue some pima flowers on the outside, but I like the simplicity of this one probably because the paper is busy.

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