Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back From Vacation

Well things were hectic before I left for vacation. DId not have much time to get much crafting done, so that meant 2 weeks at the beach, I was going to get some type of crafting done :) I worked on a paper bag scrap book while we were there I scrap the previous days pictures at night while everyone else sat around and played cards with my SIL or we beaded jeweley. I really only did one piece of jewelry but Started a few others I lacked a few beads to finishing them.

Every vacation we always buy a photo frame to put a pic of us in and a Christmas ornament. Well last year I bought a cute frame but then would up making my own. Last year in Pensacola, the beaches were covered in GREAT Sea shells, and I saw this BEautiful White sea shell frame for sale in a boutique there, they wanted over $50 for it so I set out to find all white shells and make mine once I got home. I did a great job and love it, it sits on my desk at school, I included a pic of it here. Well this year I went prepared with a glue gun and frames, but I went a different route this year and the pics do not do the frames justice, but the beach was littered with darker shells, not near as nice as last years, BUT I fell in love with the textures and the artfullness of broken shells and odd things that came out of the ocean. I went for darker colors so they would match our bedroom, dark grey shells and browns then I added the neat textured looking items I had found.. They don't look as good in pics as they do in RL, I have pics waiting pick up a t Walmart I forgot to pick them up yesterday. Well, I am back now, 2 weeks was a long time to be away, I have made Peyton's B-day invites, and started to work on painting my moms bluebonnet glasses in between studying for the GRE, cleaning out bedrooms and getting ready to go back to school as well as entertain the kids all day long :)

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