Thursday, December 29, 2011

My new Menu Board!

So saw this Weekly Calendar on Pinterest a few weeks ago. A lady had gone to Walmart, bought a $10 Frame, added some scrapbook paper inside the frames and writes on it with a dry erase marker. So I pinned it, thinking hmm.. I could make this better and Blingier, because, well, I do everything with more BLING! Fast forward to Christmas break and I sitting on my butt for hours on end with Pneumonia and nothing to do but watch movies and surf Pinterest. So one of the many early morning hours that my medicine woke me up I stumbled on Menu boards and decided sine I was working on redoing my kitchen little by little and I cannot afford the Giant knife and Fork from Pier One I would start trying to add those things to my kitchen as well as add a Menu Board. Now Being ADD means I am not the most organized person, well let me rephrase that, I am organized in my own Chaotic way; in fact my class laughs at me when I clean my desk up at school because they know I will not be able to find the next worksheet we will be working on, os I try to just keep my piles neat looking and confined to 2 areas so at least you can see wood on my desk top when tours come through. But I digress... I made this because I have been getting really good at planning our weekly meals, so I save money at the store, PLUS I am teaching my boys to cook and I make them each cook one meal a week, which means we get a lot of Sloppy Joes,Chicken and Dumplings, Hot Dogs and Pizza bites.

So anyway, I decided If I can't leave and I can't do housework, I must craft instead, so I set out his week with a few Pinterest inspired crafts. My first was to marbalize my fingernails, the next was to make a menu board. I snuck over to Walmart after a doctors appointment to find a frame to fit my needs, not intending to use this one, but I am standing there in a steroid daze, inspiration struck and I grabbed it then ran over to the flatware dept. , bought $ worth of forks, spoons, and Knives and then grabbed 2 $.96 cookie sheets for the chore charts I will be making later today.

I got it home, spray painted it black, it was an ugly brown color, ( did I mention I am addicted to spray painting crafts ever since I found the Krylon craft website?) Then I roughed up the edges to make it more Chic, or used looking. Sent Matt to Michael to buy me some scrapbook paper since I was not allowed to leave the house.

With a few sheets of scrapbook paper, some pearls, ribbon ( did I also mention that I am a ribbon whore? yes 97 spools and counting) and some hot glue and I have a brand new Menu Board! i am thinking about selling these on Etsy and at the store in Sangar for $25- $30. If you want one, let me know I can make it in any colors or style you want.

Sparkle Wishes,

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