Thursday, December 29, 2011

Has it really been almost 2 years?

Almost 2 years since I posted! Wow! Alot has happened during that time, and I could write this big long boring post about everything that has happened, but I won't, but I will try to to add a few highlights

Lets see, I have a new job at a wonderful new school, it is a private School for kids with Special and behavioral needs. I am going on my 2nd year there and I love it, no paperwork or ARDS just get to teach and help those kids that have gotten lost in the public schools. The best, part, I come home happy every day and my family loves that!

Then I began selling Stampin' Up products! I loved that and had tons of Stamping parties and made tons of cute stuff I never posted here,(but I intend to add them) But after a year and the economy being so bad, people quit being able to buy so many products and I was footing my stamping addiction by buying my quota, so I stopped selling it and now I buy from someone else. I have to say it is nice not having to stress once a month about what we were going to create at each party and prepare for it.

Matt and I now have one kid in Middle School and one in 4th grade! My boys are getting to be so big, I need my BABIES, but I do kind of like their independance now, except that comes with a lot of money for bikes, cell phones and I know soon, their own computers and then **GASP** a CAR!

Matt's Company has finally moved closer to home and he is getting a dream photography studio to go with it. he is also now diving into the world of Video filming and editing, which has been scary for him, but he has done an AMAZING job!

Let's see, My In laws moved back from Canada, My Brother and sister are back from California and my sister is buying a house, so now I have a crafting accomplice to get into trouble with.

I started selling my crafty stuff to a store in Lewisville, but they went belly up so now I am selling mainly hand painted wine glasses and few other crafty items to a store in Sangar.

My year has been good with the exception of a few minor(expenisive) repairs to both cars and I am ending the year with pneumonia, but I guess I can look at that as a good thing, because I am so tired of sitting around watching reruns, surfing Pinterest (,y new secret obsession), and reading I decided it was time to start my Blog again, possibly open an ETSY store and place it on Facebook. Well I know I am going to work on the blog, we will see about the other 2 :)

With all that being said, i have a ton of crafty items from the past 2 years I need to upload, but unlike last time, i will not be including all the instructions on how to do them, just message me if you want them and I will be happy to share, but my ADD brain could not handle all that organized writing everytime!

Here is a sneak preview of things you will see:

Oh yes, and since Pinterest is my new obssession feel free to pin anything you see, I want one of my crafts to show up some day on the popular page!

Until I post again, which might just happen next,

Sparkle Wishes,

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