Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Boys New Chore Charts

So with the New Year, comes some new responsibilities for the boys. We have tried different chore charts but they normally become forgotten, get messed up, or we need more spaces for chores than are allotted. So, being laid up left me alot of time to peruse the internet for a great chore chart that would fit our needs. Guess what there aren't any, but with a little ingenuity and ideas from several places I came up with one for us.

Now, first off, let me say, I think these are cute, but I was really wishing my boys were girls so I could have added some polka dots or flowers or even smaller so maybe I could have put a baseball or a dinosaur on them, BUT since they are TWEENS I could do nothing about that, but I did get some ribbon on it!

So I will explain how I made them and then explain how it works incase you want to make your own, OR I CAN MAKE IT FOR YOU! ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT FLOWERS OR POLKA DOTS! LOL

I started with a $.96 cookie sheet from Walmart and a few cans of Krylon spray paint. I have mentioned that I am really into spray painting right now, haven't I???

Here is a hint when doing these, you may want to alot 2 days to the spray paint process, ALSO if you would rather, you can use the chalk board pray paint on this and just write your chores in chalk and not have to deal with the magnets, but I like the magnet idea. Paint your first coat, your main color all over cookie sheet, I did one red and one blue.

Then after it dried over night, I used painters tape to tape off the area that was to be painted black and then added press and seal to cover the rest from over spray.

then I added some white detail to the trays on the edges, wrote to do and done. Painted some chipboard letters and adhered them with E3000 glue.

the next step I probably could have done easier by going to buy some round disc and using my printer on clear labels, but I did not have those on hand and I couldn't leave, so I made chore buttons out of Sculpey, some magnets and a sharpie. I made a ton of different ones because sometimes I need them to mow the yard, but not every day. Here are a couple of pics of them done and the best is I can store the extra chore magnets on the back of the cookie sheet and trade them out!

I also made 6 days of the week buttons ( because Sunday is Jesus Day, according to Peyton, so no chores on that day) without magnets that I glued on and 6 Good job magnets.

The final part to the chore chart is the money jars. yet again, I could not add bows or flowers or polka dots, but I did match the ribbon to their chore charts, so take that!

So here is how it works:

Each day the boys will be giving 5-6 chores to do when they get home, one of them will be homework or reading. They also start each week with their full allowance in their jar. $1 for each year old they are. Once they have completed all of their chores, they move the magnet to the done side. If they have done their chores to our satisfaction, they will get a good job magnet under that day. If they decide to not do all their chores, or do a poor job of it, they do not get a magnet for that day and money will be deducted from their allowance jar, so Cole would loose $2 since he is 12 and Peyton will loose $1.50 since he is 9. With the allowance jars sitting out they can see that money stay the same or diminish. At the end of the week (Saturday) once all the chores are done they can get their money from the jar. I will refill the jars on Sunday night.

So what do you think? Is it ingenious or what?!?! The boys are excited about it right now, but we will see how they feel 2 weeks into it...LOL

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Sparkle Wishes,

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