Thursday, December 29, 2011

A gift for a friend

So my partner in crafty crimes, aka my sister April, and I needed to make a gift for one of our friends for her birthday. Ok, so we will be almost a month late in getting it to her, but I think she will be happy once she gets it.

With that being said, our friend just moved into a new place and know ing her roommate, we figured she needed something with style to add to her place. With it being right after Christmas, and April saving money to buy her house and me not having money because I spent it all on my kids for Christmas, we decided to refurbish an expensive mirror my parents had, with an idea I saw on the Krylon craft websites. OK did you know Krylon (yes the spray paint) had a craft website? Well I found it this fall and since October I think I have spray painted a few 100 crafts :) Ok, so back to the craft. Here is a picture of the mirror, pre refurbish:

See it is in great shape with the exception of the corners where the nice espresso color paint had chipped off. Not having paint in that color, I knew we would have to repaint. so I taped the mirror part all up. and took it to my now, spray painting table out back.
I sprayed it with one coat of Satin Black and let it dry, since it was already painted nice and I knew we were going to rough up the edges so it would look more Shabby Chic, that is all it needed. I sent April out for some knobs to add to it and some Vinyl.

we roughed up the edges with some sand paper, had Matt drill us 4 holes for us to add these great square ceramic knobs april got, and then added some vinyl quote that April got on Sale at Hobby Lobby, so that saved us time I did not have to cut any Vinyl with my Cricut. Here are the pictures. Now I do have a warning my husband is a photographer, and no he did not take these pictures, and no I have no talent in shooting pictures, besides do you know how hard it is to shoot a picture of a mirror?? Everything shows in it!
The final product

The Vinyl at the bottom of the frame

Live Laugh Love!

Sparkle Wishes, Heather

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