Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Baby turns 12!

OK since I was going to post this 2 weeks ago and did not, I will go ahead and add this now!

MY BABY TURNED 12! My little Y2K Millenium baby is 12 years old. In one more year he will be a fledged teenager! I am WAY TOO YOUNG to have a teenager! Even worse, he already beginning to act like one sometimes. I would post a picture of my baby from his party, but alas, we had battery problems with the camera, so I used Cole's camera, but the card I used in it has mysteriously gone missing, which is code for, it is probably hiding on my craft desk and I cannot find it! But when I do find it, I will put them up.

We had a lot of fun, my boy has an awesome group of friends and we did his party with a Mission Impossible theme because we went to see MI at the theatre for his birthday. So in honor of that we had a Mission Impossible Hot Dog Bar.
As much as my boys loved the elaborate birthday parties I threw them as younger kids, the older they get the less elaborate they want them. I am hoping that this passes soon so that I can do another BIG BANG UP PARTY!

Here are some menus we had for the kids to make different dogs, and I sure wish I had pics to show you the HOT DOG BAR! I renamed all the items to secret agent names!

So Since I do not have party pics because I need to find that other card, I'll just show you his BOMB cake!

I cooked 2 cakes in a bowl, but I took it one step further, I made one batter Black and one batter Green , then I layered the cake batters into the bowl so it had a striped effect when you cut into it.
Here is top view of it after I cut the end off of it so I could level it on the cake board. the inside cut looks way cooler, but again it is on the missing party card!

So anyway here is the cake before it was done, obviously. Since I still had Pneumonia when I made this I did not want to fool with Fondant, so I iced it real smooth with some buttercream and bough black Spray paint for cakes and I was just going to spray it black and save me a lot of time, mess and nasty flavor of black food coloring. Well that was an epic fail, it only turned the cake purple and I was sinking fast with being tired. So I Improvised, and I will say that I paid a little more at Michael's for some Duff Brand food coloring, but it was so worth it! That stuff is amazing, it has no funny taste like wilton's and he has an awesome black, but I digress, so back to my problem at hand, a purple bomb! I got inventive and did not have any more icing so I mixed up some black food coloring with lemon juice and used a pastry brush and painted it black, and it worked like a charm! I also added a touch of silver glitter for cakes to the mixture which I think helped. If you looked closely you could see the brush marks, but ass Cole said, that made it look more authentic like brushed steel painted black :) I love that kid! I added some pipe cleaners for the fuse and VIOLA a bomb. If I had not been sick, I would have gone and gotten some sparklers and lit them when we sang but I was too tired, but I will say that cake was the BOMB! And a group of 12 year old boys agreed!

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