Sunday, December 14, 2008

Purple because of LJ

Many of you know I lost a dear friend last month by the name of LJ. Well, it did affect me deeply as I had known this man almost as long as I have known my parents! So after he died my mother asked me to make her some thank you cards for her to send out to those who had extended condolences to them. As I felt I had not grieved completely, I decided to make these all in variations of purple since LJ loved the color purple and called it his signature color. At first, I was like PURPLE......HMMMMM... not sure I could pull it off, but I went back through many cards I had done in the past and actually found several that it worked well on, see I could not do these in say orange or yellow, but I think they are perfect in Purple. Matt came up with a a saying and designed a back logo for me to put on all these cards,as I was not going to sign my name, it said: IT had Purple because of LJ and his birth and death year then it said, It is not what you gather in life, it is what you scatter. LJ scatter both love and happiness.

Hope you enjoy these, I think I have decided I might include a purple section in all the cards I do for craft shows from now on.

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Kelsie said...

Heather!!!! These cards are so great! I really really really love the bird stamp on the last picture, these cards are great! and i've been thinking about some colors and i was on a website last night that had some ideas and here's some of them... let me know what you think!!!

silver/midnight navy/cream
silver/midnight navy/royal blue
Robins egg/cream/silver

those are in order of kind of how i liked them... let me know what you think, i need some input!!!