Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ok! So it has been a LONG while...

For those of you near me, know the road I have been traveling since September, and you know that road has been steep and rocky! I did finish my schooling in Applied Behavior Analysis, but it seems as if Satan has decided things were getting to comfy and happy for me and decided to try to block my path with a few, rather large obstacles. I am not around all of them yet, but I feel as if I am very close. I am so thankful to God for the love of my family, with out them I am not sure where I would be.

That being said, I have crafted a few things here and there and even started selling some of my items in a craft store in Lewisville, but ; like I said, Satan has been taking up much of my free time with some very tedious ordeals so I really have not made much and some of the stuff I have made, I did not take pics. I have a few pics of things I have made. Some of my Facebook friends have already seen these items, but I plan to take pictures of the items i have made now. This time I won't post much about the items just the pictures.

On another note... I am selling my items, making custom cards,announcements and invitations as well as signs, frames notebooks or anything you are interested in let me know the colors you want these items in. School is almost out and I hope to be opening a new chapter in my life so that maybe I will have more time to craft. I am also hoping I can start selling at some craft fairs in the Fall. I met a new friend in September that loves to craft and wants to help me mass produce items, hopefully after April we will be able to sit down, make a plan of attack and get to work. I also hope that since my beautiful sister has moved back she might want to join us, but I'm not sure she will. She is young and has a life outside of her house :)

I also have started a once a month Stamp club with a few ladies where we make crafts and stamp cards, this has been very theraputic for me as well as a boost to my ego! These ladies think I am so talented! I sure wish my 8th grade art teacher could hear them. She once told me at the end of the semester, that I really did not possess an eye for art and I should look towards other areas of studies. Ummmm... Do you think what she said stuck with me a little? I married an artist and have always worked my butt off at trying to make something good. I guess I am my own worst critic though, because I really don't think the stuff I make is all that good, well maybe one or two things I am proud of, but for the most part I am very critical of what I make, but at least I have fun trying.

Well I need to upload some photos, and make another post for Stamp club members to see what we are making Saturday and then I need to go to bed, I have school tomorrow and I heard 2 of my paras will be out, but that is another story and if you want to hear about that joy, give me a ring and we can go chat about it for a few hours:)

Thanks for looking and have a BLESSED Week.

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