Saturday, June 14, 2008

Inspired by a dress

So, Peyton and I were out looking for me a sundress yesterday and having no luck, but we went into TJ MAXX and they had the cutest dress, It was a black and white swirly pattern more black than white looked just like the background I used for the card and it was a baby doll style dress and right under the chest area they had laced a Hot Pink bow. It was absolutely adorable, but not what I was looking for and I did not want to take the time to try it on with a sleepy 5 year old who has been sick for a week. But it stuck in my head so as I was going to sleep last night I started envisioning it as a card, so first thing after my boys made their Fathers Day cards ( I will post tomorrow). It was so simple I made it in like 20 minutes. Matt says I have been using too much brown and I need to move on to my new color patterns for a while so I am looking brighter, although I am doing baby announcements for a friend in Brown and Blue, I will post those as soon as I have stats. Anyway, heres to a bright and sunny Summer!

I used Baroque Motifs
Basic Black ink
Whisper white and Black cards stock
Regal Rose Ribbon
Glam stone brads in pink

I need to work on my threading and punching skills but I was thinking about making this again with turquoise too.

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