Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Pimp Labor For Love

Notice I did not say Labor of Love??? My idea of fun is not gluing over 450 crystals on to a glass. ;) So this is Matt's Pimp cup for work. See his company is going green which means they were going to quit supplying the company styrofoam cups for their water or drinks there and bought everyone a travel mug with the company name on it. So Matt and a few of his cohorts got together and decided to really amp up their mugs and then it turned onto how gaudy it could get and the next thing I know my hubby is acknowledging my crafty pursuits and asked me to make him a PIMP Chalice to use at work, the more jewels the better. So of course I said yes and set out to find a chalise to use, well after searching High and low for one an not wanting to spend $20 on a cup I would alter, I decided to just use this acrylic cup from Target. Well then I thought, I will find strands of rhinestones to use that I could glue on, well I was wrong you cannot find those and I know I just saw them someplace recently, i knew they were not cheap but that was ok. I went to every craft and fabric store in a 50 mile radius and could not find them, so I settled on 5 (150 count) plastic crystal beads that I painstakingly glued on one by one with a pair of tweezers and you know what if you turn the cup before they dry, they slide off! And the big jewels are even worse, the cup can be sitting still(actually laying on it's side to help prevent slippage) and next thing you know that big jewel is halfway down the side of the glass, what I thought might take a couple of hours wound up taking about a month, it might have taken less time but school was ending and My aide quit and I was either swamped when I came home at night or tired. I bought 3 other cups because I am suppose to make them for all the guys with "KRUNK" names on them, we will see. Matt takes it to work tomorrow.

Wish the pics were better but how do you photograph a glass??? I know, I know, I am married to a photographer but he was already in bed and besides, sometimes he complains when I ask for his help, I guess it is because he does it all day and I had already asked him to do manual labor today twice! If you know my hubby, you know that is more than he does in a week :) Buthey, things have to be done before we leave for vacation ;)

Have a good evening, I am going to go make some paper bag scrapbooks to take with me, Matt's 15 year old cousin will be in Florida with us and she loves to craft, she would be the daughter I would have if I had had one :) She is so much fin and she thinks I am cool !?!?

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Amybella said...

OMG Heather...that cup is the coolest!! Love the bling bling...hope your hubby appreciates it. You know, you're going to be asked to do a million of these!!
~ Amy