Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nerd Scouts...Er... I mean Cub Scouts

Well here we are in our Cub scout uniforms. Actually the boys look super cute in theirs but Peyton said that ll the adults in the uniforms looked like nerds. I have to agree, i do look nerdy so they are calling me their Nerd Scout leader. Cole has his first Den meeting Monday night and, I, the woman who said she would not take on any more this year, volunteered to be Peyton's Den leader. Not we are not Den mothers anymore, the Boys Scouts do not have those we are Den leaders. I am still not sure what we are doing Tuesday night, but I am going to Cole's meeting and I am sure I will just do what they do until we get it figured out. They gave us a plan to follow but my Co Leader who was never in boy scouts either is clueless also. I think w e will do fine once we get going and I get back into the swing of working with little kids again. The only thing I dislike about this year is when they are a Tiger cub, like Peyton, one of their parents must attend the meetings with them and there is nothing I hate worse than having my house full of parents while I am trying to have fun with the kids, I feel like they must be entertained or they distract the kids or even worse they could be worse than teachers and talk during the entire meeting. I am going to have to set ground rules down for the kids and the parents. OH YEAH and get this, for the meeting on Tuesday, they had in the cub Scout manual for us to make Scrapbooks the first meeting! How great is that for me! I know I have the craft portions of the meetings down pat! :)

On a positive note, Peyton's principal''s son will be in our Den, I am hoping if I can build a good relationship with her, I might be able to find a way into Denton ISD this next year. It is hard to get into Denton Schools because they like to hire their student teachers and subs and rely heavily on refferals from other Denton Teachers.

If I am not too busy this week I will post more stuff, I got a new stamp set and made a couple of new cards.


Anonymous said...

Scrap the in-home meetings and that will resolve the need to fill your house with everyone wondering why the phonebook is still sitting on the counter.

Get the other parents to host meetings where they supply the snack and drink items for the meeting and you get together at a local park - outside.

Parks are great because you can do so much, including picking up trash, exercises, leaf rubbing, plant a tree or even find a park with a bench.

Good Luck understanding the beads. I get so lost with so many different colors to the point that we created our own system.

October - Play T-Ball in the Park
November - OMG a Fire Station
December - Library Visit
January - Map and Hike around a Park
February - Visit Cable Company
(Earn Tiger Rank)
March - Kid Picnic (they make the snack)
April - Dairy Farm or other Farm
May - Plant a Tree
June - Pack Picnic

There is a lot of things to do with the kids that will instill Community Service and Leadership.

Invite your Cubmaster to your first meeting or anyone from the leadership - they will be happy to help.

Good Luck and thank you for making a difference in the lives of these kids. Remember that Scouting is about Doing!

Amy said...

Amazing that you were able to work scrapbooking into Cub Scouts!! It sounds like a lot of fun...enjoy this time :D
~ Amy