Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Labor of Love...Wine Cork Wreath...

Well, it has taken me many years to save all these wine corks, but my quest began 14 years ago on our Honeymoon when Matt I visited Napa Valley, 4 of the corks on this wreath are from Bottles we bought in Napa and brought back. I saved the corks not knowing what I would be making with them, then about 5 years ago, the mailman delivered me a wine catalog that was suppose to go to another address ( which happens more times than I care to mention, I often wonder what I am missing out on in my mailbox) So I saw this wine cork corkboard and went OOOHHH I want to make one of those, then I Turned the page and saw this wreath, that sold for over $80, but it was kind of blah then I saw another one for over $100, but it was still BLAH, so I decided right then and there I could make one even better and I did, but let me tell you, it takes along time to keep the dream alive when you are saving wine corks from wine you drink. I did get a little bit of help from a few people, but mainly, most of them were from bottle Matt and I have shared and LIKED, there is not a cork from any bottle we did not like.

Another REALLY cool thing about this, that I absolutely love is that I am thrifty and I try to recycle anything I can for my craft purposes and this wreath, was one, I know this is gross, but was one someone was throwing it out and I took there stuff off of it, and the greenery, is greenery I bought 14 years ago right after Matt and I married to put on the curtains in our bedroom and they have been stored in a closet since we moved into our house and i stumbled ont hem when I was cleaning out my closet last week! And the grapes were a great stumble as well when we went to The Dollar Tree to buy some gag gifts for Matt and I saw these on the shelves and they looked exactly like the ones I was going to buy at Hobby Lobby for for $4 apiece and I got them at Dollar Tree for $1 a piece! What a deal!

Anyway, Thanks for looking and I would love any feedback you have for me!

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Amy said...

Ahhhhh Heather, that is so pretty and sweet! What a great looks fabulous.