Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girly Girl

I am a Girly Girl. I love pink polka dots, which is what I wanted to name my crafting company until I came up with Sparkle Wishes, but I love Pink polka dots, anything pink, frilly and frou Frou, funny thing is when I designed my craft room and painted it , I did it all in Tiffany Blue and white with Chocolate accents, I may love pink but I could bring myself to paint one whole room in my house pink, unless it had been for a baby girl :) SO anyways, I planned a Girly Girl card swap at work with 8 ladies, we are all required to make 8 Girly Girl cards to swap that way we should have some cute cards on hand to give away when needed or keep and display. Well I made mine and it is VERY plain for me, I normally over embellish and have doodads and fluff and lots of ribbon. Well I guess the dress swap was still so fresh in my mind and how much time I spent on that and how little time I spent with my boys, that I went a total 180 for me and went plain and simple. It is really cute, just VERY simple for me. I have seen one of the other cards and it is SOOOOO Cool and the competitive side in me really wanted to do something just as cool, but, alas, with the help of God working on helping me get these incredible competitive urges under control, he allowed my practical side to come out and it only took me 2 nights, that's right 2 nights, not days or weeks to do all 8 cards!

For those who might want to case the card, I made the pink polka dotted background with the circle stamp from Simply circles, I embossed in clear and the other in embossing tinsel, the background is way cuter IRL. The card stock was pretty in pink, whisper white and chocolate chip.

The purse was done in Chocolate chip ink and embossed. I did one of the purses with a beaded handle, and it is cute, but not that cute, kind of cute but then again kind of ugly, so I chose not to do the others that way and leave them plain. And I just tied it up with a cute big brown ribbon. I almost did this set in pink, black and white but I am really on this brown kick, but like al my other color kicks, like my aqua and black kick, my pink and green kick, my red and black kick, this one seems to be on its way out, I am feeling more of a Brown and blue or black and blue kick coming on :)

Okay, I have rambled on aimlessly now for a while, I see 40 people have visited my site, if you are one of them will just just say HI, I sent this link to a few, but only know of one who looks, BTW AMY don't look at this one until the swap is over :)

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Amybella said...

Haaahh...too late! And, btw - everything you do is cute and quit talking like that!