Friday, April 4, 2008


OK, I keep saying I am going to create a creativity blogger to display my artsy side.  I am computer savvy in that I can turn one on, use word, photoshop and naything on a mac, I can update my Facebook page, which I think is hard and I can update my MYSPACE page, I can steal templates and hijack pictures off the internet for my use.  I can access Itunes, download info, order info etc, but that would be the extent of my internet savvy.  I don't like the backgrounds I chose here I will have to find a way to replace the background with something more fitting for me, something...PINK!

Anyway if I stay with this, you wil see all facets of my creativity, some people think I am good, but I think I might be average or below average in my crafty pursuits.  I have always wanted  to be an artist, but failed miserable all through Jr. High and High school, so I married an exceptionally talented artist, OMG he is unbelievable what he can do in 5 minutes with a pencil would take me all day to do, what he can do on a computer in 10 minutes would take me 3 days to do, and what he can do with a camera, I could never do.  I do like rubber stamping and make tons of cards and I have begun branching out ot other paper crafts and using frames and other media, I am stepping out of my trying to copy the work I like phase to actually creating my own, this started last year when I decided I wanted to paint a martini set for my sisters birthday.  I then got several orders for martini sets, which moved to wine glasses and over Christmas it was Christmas plates.  They were so much fun to do but I am taking a break from that until school is out and then I plan on making tons of stuff to try to sell on Etsy and if that does not work I will set up at a craft fair.  People say I could sell my stuff, but I really find that hard to believe!  I mean I would not pay for it, but then I know I could create it.  So we will see if people buy my stuff.  I have sold glassware and a few framed art work and most recently  I sold a set of 2 hand painted wine glasses for $60  I was floored...I did not think they were that amazing, unfortunately  I did not get pics of them but I have pics of a few others.  when I figure all this out, I will post them.

Well, for now, that is all  Iw ill work on figuring this out.

Sparkle Wishes,

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Amybella said...

Hi Heather,'s about time! You are incredibly talented no matter what you think!!! I love your work and can't wait to see what else you do. If you need help getting your blog set up, let me know...I've done a lot of research!!

Good luck...and you're definitely one of my favs! xxoo
~ Amy L.