Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spinner card

SO I made this spinner card for Stamp club to make tomorrow also.  If you have no idea what a spinner card is, well then let me tell you!  When you tilt the card the butterfly goes spinning its way across the flowers and looks like he is flitting around!

I really did not take a whole lot of time on this, as I realized the stamp set with the flowers I wanted to use, was on loan to someone, so then I went to wanting to do a beach spinner with the spinner being a beach ball, but that one is out on loan too!

So I mixed my favorite set, Simply Said, with my new, never been used set, Merci.  DOesn't look too bad together, and that butterfly is darn cute all glittered up and spinning!  I did watercolor the blue sky, if you were wondering, might I suggest if you do this, to make sure you have watercolor paper, as I had to work very hard to uncrinkle it to use it :).


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Amybella said...

Super cute Heather! I am so bummed that Chaser is sick and I won't be able to make it to Stamp Club....waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
Well - save me some supplies so I can try it on my own this weekend. Hope you girls have fun :o)
~ Amy