Monday, July 21, 2008

For the Classroom

I have started working on things for my classroom. Erin and I wanted to make one of these last year for out doors but never got around to it. SO Friday night she and her hubby came over and we created name frames for next yea. You Can't tell much about the paper in the background, but it is a Brocade pattern which I am really into lately. I tried to use school Colors black and gold, which I did but they are so muted, it just looks like muted classy colors. Oh well. I like it and it is VERY simple compared to what I normally do! I bought the papers at Joannes. total cost for the whole project, about $4!

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Amybella said...

Oh Heather...your name picture is soo cute!! You HAVE to tell me how to make it...I need one since I'm just right across the hall from you :D

Email me! Amy

P.S. When are "Running With Scissors" getting together for our summer craft session? Any word from Carmella?