Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok I made a bunch of cards a few weeks ago with the thought being that I would post one a day until I had time to make more. Guess what? I did not do it. In fact I hardly got on my computer to check e-mail. I am not ready to come back to the real world and go to work. Oh well, I am working on a presentation for school, well I am suppose to be working on a presentation for school, but instead I am posting a pic of one of my cards I made. I plan on finishing my moms bluebonnet glasses today so I should have pics of those up soon.

THis is from my always stamp set except this time I did not use the bird I love so much I used the hearts, and although Matt says I have been using brown too much I just could not resist using it again. I also used my cuttle bug to emboss the background. Unfortunately I am away from my craft room so I cannot get the color of paper I used as it has been a few weeks since I created and I just don't remember the exact colors. Oh well Enjoy!

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