Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I do not know why I have NEVER tried this technique before! It seems so basic, stamping on patterned paper. I just happen to have to some cute scraps, in fact a whole box full of cute scraps I can not only make magnets for my white board with, but now I can make some super cute cards with on those stamps I have that I have in the past grown bored with because I don't want to color them. I actually made 2 Happy Birthday ones, but I shut down iphoto and forgot to get that pic, and my computer is running real slow I need to reformat my hard drive, so for tonight this is all I am posting.

OH OH OH, I finally also finished my moms glasses, I have to download those pics and post them, plus JD and April were in town for the week I will post some other pics later.

On another note I am going to bite the bullet and open and Etsy store. I am going to put some card sets up and see what bites I get, if any, and I am also going to post some of Matt's photographs, he has so many industrial and nature pics, I think we could actually sell stuff, I hope maybe we could make enough money to buy Christmas gifts for Matt's family as I have already started buying for the boys, and if we were to do well with his pics, maybe it could just buy new carpet for the house, but I seriously doubt that would happen, but even if I made $20, I would be happy. I will let you know when I get my store up, ti might be a week or so.

Anyway I do not have the recipe for the card for those of you who might want to copy it. If you need to know stamps or paper just message me and I will get it for you!


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