Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Bye Summer!

Good Bye Summer

I am so sad to see you go. I really THOUGHT I was ready for school to start, but now that I MUST go back tomorrow and face my my new and old students I am not so sure. I am sad to see my baby boy start first grade and I see my 2 boys get older and taller each day, and I want my 2 toddler boys back that climb into my lap and "nuggle" with me. I am going to miss sleeping in each morning and napping during "Yes Dear" at 2:30. I miss going to the water park, or planning a picnic and staying up until midnight.

I am scared of having another bad school year like I had last year! It was horrible because of an aide we had, but I am paranoid that the teacher she worked under might pull me into all the drama she is experiencing. I am worrier by nature so of course I have worried about, what if I am trying to be set up to fail, or even worse yet, just plain screwing up on my own. I work very hard and try to do EVERYTHING by the book, but already this first week is stressful for the simple fact one of my new students has no paper work and I must test and write goals for this student by FRIDAY!

Now is the time I need GOD rooting for me more than anything and I am feeling so scared he is too busy with other problems to look at my paltry worries, I mean there is a war going on and people loosing their loved ones. I know that is not the case and that is Satan playing with my emotions, well that and it I am hormonal right now. Any prayers that any readers could offer for me in the next few days would be appreciated. I do not want to fail!

I know this was not really a crafty post, but it does have photographs my hubby took in it, well all but one, I took the cool shell shot.

I hope that everyone has a blessed week and think of my boys as they go back to school on Tuesday, they are not ready either, but for different reasons from me, they just want to stay home and play video games all day long while I am at work :)

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