Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Oh I wish everything was wonderful. I just wish the first day of school would get here so I could sleep and relax again! In the meantime, enjoy my "WONDERFUL" card. This was just a simple card made with SU Pick a Petal Stamp set. I like this set, I just never can make anything with it I really like. This one is not too bad, it is very clean and crisp, which is nice for a change! Anyway I may not be back on again until after school starts next week, btu then again I might be on all weekend, you'll never know unless you check it out! But probably not since the weekend before school starts is always a big weekend for me and my boys, I pamper them big time for the end of summer and then end it by going on a special date with each of them alone. It's out Mother SON time! I just hope they always allow me to continue with this tradition, I love it!

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