Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Love me! You Really LOVE me! Thank You!

NO really, not the 2 people who read this, well I guess you do love me you are family. Anyway, my inservice presentation went well today. I had been working on my inservice for about a month now and gave my presentation today, and it ended with my group saying that was the most useful information they had gotten at all the sessions. I was giving a brief overview of TAKS-ALT to the new teachers, and well you know me, I don't teach by standing up and preaching I try to get down and personal and making it more conversational, and besides I gave them all several lessons they could start the school year with, so hey what new teacher wouldn't like some lesson ideas they do not have to come up with, that is why we are teachers, we never come up with ideas on our own, we steal them from other teachers :)

Anyway, Hopefully this weekend I will try to start my Etsy Store and I am going to post these as a set to sell,and another set I made. This is a Thank You set using STamping Up sets, and of course I am not in my craft room right now so I forget the name to the set or the exact colors, but hey I do know the cute patterned paper came from a scrap pack from Walmart! :)

You have a great day, I am relieved my presentation is over and I can now go to bed at a decent hour and sleep real good. I have hardly spoken for a whole week as I was preparing for school and my big inservice presentation and Matt had to keep sushing me because he said I was in rare form and would not shut up.

I actually have to go make a card for my new aide in school she has done the work of 4 men in 3 days in my class.

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